Training to Build Your Future

At Training Synergies, we specialise in providing customised training solutions for individuals. Whether you’re looking to upskill on the job, qualify for that new promotion or study at your own pace, we have the solution for you.

We offer nationally-recognised training and qualification in a wide range of industries.

Real Qualifications, Real Benefits

Regardless of your industry, training and qualifications can be a real game-changer, helping you thrive in the workplace and connecting you with real career opportunities.

The benefits of our nationally-recognised training include:

Get Recognised – Our qualifications are recognised Australia-wide, confirming your skills and experience for employers across the country.

Job Flexibility – With the right training, there’s no limit to what you can accomplish in your workplace and your career.

Job Security – In a changing workplace, the right skills and qualifications can keep you in your job for longer.

Industry Expertise – By learning with our accredited trainers, you gain access to top quality training and real industry experience.

Save Time and Money with Training Synergies

Our industry experts specialise in connecting you with the right course with the right support.

When you choose Training Synergies, our team will speak with you directly to identify your training needs.

We will connect you with a nationally-recognised course, tailored to your career goals and workplace.

Our support staff will be available for the duration of your training, whether you are learning in the workplace or studying online.

Want to change your life? Check out our courses